Thursday, February 19, 2015

Social Media Series for Small Business: Can Old Content Still Benefit You?

Based on our earlier articles in this series, you should be investing a good bit of time focusing on posting to the best social media platforms for your business. You should have a good mix of your own content and shares, likes, pins, replies and retweets of other pertinent content.

Once you get into a rhythm here, you have one thing for sure. A lot of content! But don’t let it go to waste.

Make the most of previously developed content by re-posting, pinning, sharing and tweeting. With so many competing posts, you can and should garner a fresh audience for your re-posts of old content.

But when is the best time to re-post old content?
  • About a week after you posted it initially.
  •  Again on pertinent occasions – like Take Your Child to Work Day if your article has something to do with career building activities for children.
  • Whenever you really need to post something and simply don’t have the time or passion to write something new!

You can even freshen up old articles, add new information and a new title and release them again.

We’re not saying that every article should be the same article by any means. But we want you to remember that you do have a toolkit to pull from when needed and it’s a good way to add to the content you are putting out there.

Have you added any of our suggestions to your social media strategy? We’d love to hear from you!

Kerry Brooks is Co-owner of ProfessionalEdge Associates, offering a wide range of marketing, event planning and support services to businesses that want to increase their success, but aren't in a position to add to their staff. Learn more at

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Social Media Series for Small Business: Are You Integrating Good Posting Strategies into Your Social Media Plan?

To post or not to post, that is the question. With so many different social media options available to your small business now, how do you know how often to post and when you’ve gone over the top?

You want to strike the best balance in your social media postings so you are engaging your audience but not pushing them to the point of hiding your posts.

Let’s look again at our Social Media for Small Businesses Infographic for some tips to incorporate in your social media plan using the major social media sites.

As you’ll see, different social media sites require a different level of commitment. You shouldn’t, for instance, post on any other site the same amount you post on Twitter or pin on Pinterest. You will have followers, friends and circles running for the hills!

Let’s examine good netiquette for each site:

For Facebook no more than 2 - 4 posts per day are recommended, but keep in mind that includes shares, likes and comments you make to others’ posts which will also show up on your wall and be seen by your followers. We post our own content a few times per week to our ProfessionalEdge Facebook page and then share, like and engage in conversation for the rest of the week.

Instagram is more of a gallery of photos and video so posts per day don’t really matter, as long as whatever posts you make are relevant to your followers.

Regular and consistent (ideally daily like Facebook) posts and conversations are key to making the most of Google+. You may have a different audience here so you can re-post some of the things you have pinned and posted everywhere else.

LinkedIn is all about the conversation. 2 - 4 posts per week is a good measure, but it is more important to participate in conversations with group members and connections to make the most of this service.

Pin away to your heart’s content – it’s addicting! For your business, post as much as you can to your boards and then re-pin often so it’s fresh and seen by followers. One note here – be sure to use the description wisely as it can only enhance the story told by your picture. Share meaningful
Pinterest pins to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter pages as well (but count them as posts on those sites when you do!).

Twitter has become a massive universe all its own and it never stops. It too can be addicting if you let it! Pre-schedule tweets for your business in advance to maximize your time investment. Using one of several tools available this can take a bit of time every few weeks, but it is well worth the effort not to have to remember to post specific topics each day. Then you can take a few minutes a couple times a day to browse through other’s tweets, retweet and engage in conversation.

With YouTube, you should commit yourself to uploading a new video once a week or once a month (whatever you’re capable of) and stick to it. Remember, YouTube is owned by Google so posts by design increase your search engine standing. Be sure to include relevant meta tags to help searchers find your content.

The bottom line when you are posting to social media sites is to be consistent, but don’t overdo it. Don’t be that “friend” who likes and shares every post she comes across and then makes them public so you have to scroll over them to get to something worth reading. Or, worse yet, hide her content so you don’t have to navigate around it.

The goal is to come up with a strategy that works best for your business and meets your goals and objectives. Make true connections and enhance your success!

Let us know what you find works best for your business!

Kerry Brooks is Co-owner of ProfessionalEdge Associates, offering a wide range of marketing, event planning and support services to businesses that want to increase their success, but aren't in a position to add to their staff. Learn more at