Thursday, April 4, 2013

What does your Out of Office message say about you?

I just sent an email, and buried on the cc line was the email of someone who lives about as far across the country from me as possible. I’ve never met him and likely never will. We were just 2 independent souls whose professional email addresses were both included on a message that connected us. I responded to the email – replying to all – and received the following Out of Office message:

“My daughter is being born! Be back later.”

I had to respond. Not only because I wanted to congratulate this excited father-to-be on the expansion of his family, but to let him know his message had made my day.
When was the last time an Out of Office message invoked an emotion in you?

Most of us are in the habit of keeping our Out of Office replies professional. In fact, they are dry – dessert sand dry.

“I will be out of the office Monday through Friday returning Monday with limited access to emails. If you need assistance in my absence please contact XYZ”

It gets the job done, but there is no connection.

So, your challenge this week is to figure out some new and innovative ways to make an impact with your Out of Office message! We want to hear from you! Reply back with creative messages you have used or seen in the past or ideas you plan to use in the future!

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