Monday, October 12, 2015

Part 10 in Our Series on Starting a Business

Getting the help you need

Running a business can be compared to keeping a house; there are many things that need to be done, and often they exceed the skills, the time, or the desire of the owner to do them.  A homeowner may be able to paint their house, but may determine it is worth it to pay someone else to do the job.  Similarly, a business owner may feel his or her time is better spent designing or improving their product or service rather than doing the bookkeeping, researching insurance options, or updating the website.
Almost every entrepreneur needs at least one outside professional to help with the needs of the business.  Most often an accountant or a lawyer is contracted on a consultant basis because a business only needs their services once in awhile.  But these days you can hire almost any position on a consultant basis, and many businesses do.

Consultants can process payroll, handle printing and copying needs, find the best places for the business to advertise, design and set up tradeshow displays – the possibilities are endless. You can even hire a Virtual Assistant!

The benefits of hiring out just what you need are many:

·        Though you may pay more per hour for a consultant, you are paying for just the services you need

·         You don’t have to pay for or administrate employee benefits

·         Professional consultants are experts in their field

·         You simply can’t do everything yourself!

If you are not in the position to hire an employee for each service you need, consider looking for external help and hire consultants with the specific expertise to get the job you need done, and done well.

Kim Luedke is Co-owner of
ProfessionalEdge Associates, offering a wide range of marketing and support services to businesses that want to increase their success, but aren't in a position to add to their staff.